ScriptPro integrates products with meth-precursor-tracking system

ScriptPro integrates with Appriss NPLEx

MISSION, Kan. — ScriptPro's Central Pharmacy Management System Point of Sale can now interface with a real-time system for tracking and controlling OTC products that can be used to manufacture methamphetamine.

ScriptPro said its system now interfaces with the Appriss National Precursor Log Exchange system, currently used by pharmacies and law enforcement agencies in 22 states to track products like pseudoephedrine-based cold and allergy remedies. ScriptPro said the interface eliminates the need to keep a manual log to document sales of the products.

NPLEx works by tracking product requirements, alerting for entry of required patient identification data, sending back approval or denial and blocking any transaction that would cause the customer to exceed legal limits. The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators makes NPLEx available for free to states that require monitoring of precursor purchases and agree to use the system.

"ScriptPro is pleased to partner with Appriss to offer this time-saving, and in some cases life-saving tool to pharmacies operating in states that have adopted NPLEx," ScriptPro president and CEO Mike Coughlin said. "It reduces manual record keeping and saves operating costs for these pharmacies while at the same time providing better protection for the public."


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