Scrabble gets super-sized, personal

DANVERS, Mass. Winning Moves Games is set to delight board game fans with its two newest versions of the Scrabble game.

Scrabble Me and Super Scrabble combine the traditional game play of one of the top-selling board games of all-time with enhanced game boards and scoring experiences, the company said.

In Scrabble Me, players build words on their own individual boards (up to four) simultaneously. The "prize tile podium" makes play more dynamic and gives players a chance to choose some face-up tiles in addition to the traditional blind draw from the letter bag.  Original rules of scoring, letter placement and legal word play are followed.

In Super Scrabble, however, players use 200 letters (100 more than the original Scrabble game) and a larger game board featuring quadruple letter and word scoring opportunities. This Scrabble game is super-sized, with three extra rows for a larger playing space.  Super Scrabble also comes in a "Deluxe" edition, equipped with a rotating game board and raised grid spaces for simple piece-placing.  Both games also come with a guide book detailing the history of Scrabble and the official rules.

"Scrabble has been popular for more than 70 years, and Scrabble fans are passionate about the way the game is played," said Phil Orbanes, founder of Winning Moves Games. "Scrabble Me and Super Scrabble are great examples of how games can change subtly while maintaining the core principles that have made Scrabble one of the best games for decades."

Scrabble Me and Super Scrabble are available at toy stores and retailers nationwide and at

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