Scott Naturals wants consumers to get smart with flushing habits

DALLAS Kimberly-Clark's Scott Naturals brand has introduced the Smart Flush bag, a device that reduces toilet water use.

How it works: When placed in the toilet tank, the material in the Smart Flush bag absorbs water and expands, reducing the amount of water consumed in each flush by up to 1 L. The Smart Flush bag will be given away exclusively on Scott Naturals eight-pack and 12-pack bath tissue at retailers nationwide in September and October, while supplies last. The promotion will be supported by a national campaign, including a dedicated TV spot explaining Smart Flush and in-store video advertisements.


"K-C and the Scott Naturals brand are committed to sustainability and to preserving natural resources for future generations," said Doug Daniels, Scott brand manager. "The Smart Flush device makes it easy for consumers to conserve by reducing the water consumed by each toilet flush. This innovative solution aligns with Scott Naturals brand's approach of making it easy for environmentally aware consumers to take a green step at home, without changing their normal routines."


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