Scott brand celebrates national debut of tube-free tissue

DALLAS — Scott, a brand from Kimberly-Clark, announced the national release of Scott Natural Tube-Free bath tissue. The tubeless tissue eliminates the cardboard tube in the center and helps cut down on the 17 billion toilet paper tubes thrown out each year.

The brand played up that figure by today by unveiling a replica of the Empire State Building in New York City's Flatiron plaza: 17 billion discarded tubes could fill the Empire State Building — twice!

"Kimberly-Clark is thrilled to be able to release Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue nationally, providing consumers across the country with a product that contributes to a better, cleaner world, without sacrificing quality," said Jared Mackrory, brand manager for Scott Brand. "Imagining the environmental impact of 17 billion tubes — enough to fill the Empire State Building twice — is hard to do. That's why we brought the concept to life by creating a 30-ft. replica in the middle of Manhattan."

The product's distribution has been limited to northeastern markets since 2010, but can now be purchased at Walmart stores nationwide, as well as at select retailers. The packaging of all Scott Naturals products contains at least 20% recycled content, according to the brand.

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