Scotch Corp. introduces new toilet bowl restorer to Instant Power line of products

DALLAS Scotch Corp. has introduced Instant Power toilet bowl restorer, a super-strength product that cleans and restores toilet bowl surfaces and improves flushing action.

Instant Power toilet bowl restorer instantly removes all stains and discolorations that are caused by rust, lime and mineral deposits from toilet bowl surfaces and clogged flush holes. Instant Power toilet bowl restorer is the first product that is focused on eliminating the need to re-flush caused by poor toilet operation, Scotch said.

In addition to cleaning and deodorizing the toilet bowl surface, Instant Power toilet bowl restorer improves flushing by clearing mineral-clogged flush holes. This allows reservoir tank water to enter the toilet bowl faster during flushing. Therefore, it conserves water by eliminating the need to re-flush.

“By introducing toilet bowl restorer, we have addressed a concern for many home owners: How to get their old toilets flushing and looking like new without the costly expense of replacement. We are the first in the industry to focus on cleaning out clogged flush holes. This allows water to enter the bowl faster and eliminates the need to re-flush,” said Todd Elms, VP marketing. “We are confident that the consumer is focused on repair and renew rather than replacement.”

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