SCIO Health Analytics and Walgreens partner on pilot measuring worksite health center deliverables

HARTFORD, Conn. — SCIO Health Analytics on Tuesday entered into a relationship with Walgreens to help employers gain maximum return on investment through worksite health centers and wellness programs, identifying opportunities to improve workforce health while also reducing costs. 

“Data and analytics are important tools that help demonstrate the value of our employer-based health and wellness offerings, from improved patient outcomes and overall savings, to also identifying needs for new or diversified services,” stated Trent Riley, divisional VP Walgreens Health and Wellness division. “Walgreens is committed to exploring new and innovative ways to integrate the latest technology to deliver valuable insights to our clients, while their employees get, stay and live well.”  

While all services and worksite locations are tailored to meet the specific needs of each employer, the integration of advanced analytics tools will help Walgreens and its clients further develop custom strategies for health and wellness services, while also aiming to improve financial performance and increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

SCIO Health Analytics can provide outcomes data and other measurement tools to worksite health centers managed by Walgreens Employer Solutions Group as part of a pilot program. Walgreens employer-based health centers offer a broad spectrum of services, including primary care, pharmacy, occupational health, fitness, nutrition, chronic condition management, physical therapy, infusion services, dental and vision. 

As part of the pilot program, SCIO will collect claims, clinic information and activity data for participating employers. Through data integration, member profiling and outcomes analytics using a proprietary technology platform, SCIO will provide actionable data and reporting to demonstrate the value and impact of worksite health centers, while giving Walgreens clients areas of opportunity to further improve employee health and reduce costs.

“Data analysis and accurate measurement of population health are what leads to better health care decision making, and we are thrilled to assist Walgreens in this endeavor,” commented Phil Fiero, VP health analytics and operations at SCIO. “These worksite health programs can help employers significantly improve member health and reduce costs both short-term and long-term that are associated with clinical illness progression and diminished employee productivity.”

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ronaldlewis says

Both SCIO Health Analytics and Walgreens deliver a beneficial concept that affects employer's investment in health care sectors. Most of the investors are getting high level return for their investment on health care. Therefore in these circumstances we have found that employees are used to follow the trend of health care frequently. In a health care system we have found different types of terms such as urgent care centers, health care centers, emergency room and many more.

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