SCA Personal Care to increase advertising support for its bladder-control products

PHILADELPHIA SCA Personal Care North America on Tuesday announced that it will be increasing its advertising support behind its Tena bladder-control products in 2009.

“More than 25 million men and women in the United States currently suffer from bladder control issues,” stated Bruno Zepeda, president of SCA Personal Care in North America.

The Tena brand, formerly known as Serenity in the U.S., will begin offering its first gender-specific protective underwear line this month, the supplies stated, which will be coupled with an aggressive education campaign to increase awareness of and understanding about bladder control.

“Our internal research shows that the majority of men who suffer from bladder control issues don’t use products designed specifically for them, and that 60% of them do not use any protection at all,” stated Spencer Deane, VP marketing for SCA Personal Care in North America. “Our new Tena Men products are designed specifically for the male anatomy to provide comfortable and discreet protection where men need it most.”

The education campaign kicks off this month with an alliance with two leading men’s health organizations — Men’s Health Network and Us TOO International — to bring bladder control information, advice and solutions to men coping with this condition.

The campaign will begin with the launch of an educational web site about male bladder control, where men can go for information and advice.

“Not surprisingly, research indicates that the Internet is a man’s No. 1 source for information about sensitive health topics such as bladder control issues,” Deane said.

SC Personal Care launched its Core Wellness program for women in January. Core Wellness is a free pelvic health initiative with international pelvic fitness expert Kari Bo. Women with a given a free DVD of exercises that help strengthen pelvic floor muscles —the group of muscles located on the underside of the pelvis responsible for bladder control — thereby improving or curing symptoms of bladder weakness.

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