Sargento introduces reduced sodium line

PLYMOUTH, Wis. In an effort to reach health-conscious consumers, Sargento is making its cheeses with 25% less sodium.

Sargento's reduced sodium cheeses come in six new varieties, including: colby-jack slices, provolone slices, colby-jack snack sticks, string snacks, mild cheddar shredded cheese and mozzarella shredded cheese.

"With almost 50% of consumers reading food labels for sodium content, we're responding to their interest in lowering their daily intake by offering reduced sodium Sargento cheeses," said Chris Groom, marketing director. "However, we only wanted to launch the line if we could still provide the great tasting natural cheese that consumers love, which this line does successfully."

Available in slices, shreds and snacks, the new reduced sodium cheeses will be on grocery store shelves nationwide in March. In addition to the new reduced sodium cheeses, Sargento offers a variety of full flavor natural reduced fat cheeses.

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