Sargento Foods, Cheryl Burke promote healthy snacking

Sargento launches "smart snacking" web page

PLYMOUTH, Wis. — A two-time winner of "Dancing with the Stars" and a food product manufacturer have a deal to promote healthy snacking options for women.

Sargento Foods hired Cheryl Burke to help share snacking tips and promote a new "Smart Snacking" website designed to help women build wholesome snack pairings and change their snacking routine. A recent survey by Shape Magazine indicates that 93% of women snack at the office, but 79% are unhappy with the options they have. Meanwhile, a panel convened by the magazine found that 60% of women regret their workday snack choices.

"Women who are always on the go want snacks that are wholesome, satisfying and convenient," said Burke, who is currently preparing for the 16th season of "Dancing with the Stars. "Snacking is a part of my daily routine because I'm always racing to rehearsal, dance performances and photo shoots. It's important to keep my energy up."

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