Sara Lee reformulates two popular breads

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. Sara Lee has removed high fructose corn syrup from two of its Soft & Smooth breads, and also has added vitamin D to one of the products.

Sara Lee Soft & Smooth made with whole grain white bread and Sara Lee Soft & Smooth 100% whole wheat bread now only will feature sugar. Additionally, the 100% whole wheat bread now has added vitamin D, a good source of calcium.

“Sara Lee Soft & Smooth breads are among the best selling breads in the United States and our core audience, parents with children, has indicated that they want product options without high fructose corn syrup,” said Jeff Dryfhout, director, Sara Lee North American fresh bakery. “With this new recipe Sara Lee Soft & Smooth bread is responding to the needs of our consumers while continuing to provide great-tasting breads with the mild taste and soft texture families love.”

Average suggested retail pricing for both Sara Lee Soft & Smooth breads will remain the same at $2.79 (varies by region of the country).

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