Santarus announces positive study on morning-dosing of Zegerid

SAN DIEGO Santarus has announced the results of a clinical trial with its proton pump inhibitor, immediate release Zegerid, as compared to Wyeth’s Protonix delayed release tablets 40 mg and TAP Pharmaceuticals’ Prevacid delayed release capsules 30 mg. The study was held to evaluate the effects of morning dosing of the medications and to see how long the drugs could provide acid control in patients with symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

A typical measure of gastric acid control is the ability of a therapy to maintain gastric pH at a level greater than 4. The study data showed that the percent of time that gastric pH was greater than 4 for patients taking Zegerid was approximately 43 percent longer than patients treated with Protonix and approximately 22 percent longer than patients treated with Prevacid. Data were evaluated after seven continuous days of once daily dosing before breakfast.

“We believe these positive clinical results, together with the favorable results of our previously conducted studies, support the benefits of treating GERD patients with Zegerid for both daytime and nighttime acid control,” said Gerald Proehl, president and chief executive officer of Santarus.

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