Sanofi Pasteur donates tetanus-containing vaccine doses to storm victims

SWIFTWATER, Pa. — The vaccines division of drug maker Sanofi donated vaccine doses on behalf of the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation to Direct Relief International, which will aid victims of the recent storms in the Southeast and Midwest.

Sanofi Pasteur announced its donation of 5,500 doses of tetanus-containing vaccine, including 500 doses of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis) vaccine. A tetanus booster vaccine is recommended for adults every 10 years, the drug maker said, noting that there are two forms of tetanus vaccine that predominantly are used in the United States: Tdap, which provides protection against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, and Td, which provides tetanus and diphtheria protection.

Jeff Gordon, a four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, and his wife are the national representatives for the Sounds of Pertussis Campaign, a joint initiative of Sanofi Pasteur and March of Dimes that seeks to educate parents, family members and infant caregivers about the importance of receiving a Tdap booster vaccination. Gordon became involved in the disaster relief efforts after the homes of his engine tuner's mother and sister were destroyed in Alabama.

"The devastation throughout these regions is astounding," Gordon said. "I'm pleased that the baby products my Foundation is sending to St. Claire County, Ala., and the much-needed Tdap vaccine Sanofi Pasteur is donating to Direct Relief International will assist those who have been affected."

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