Sanofi-Aventis, AgaMatrix announce diabetes partnership

SALEM, N.H. French drug maker Sanofi-Aventis and U.S.-based AgaMatrix will develop blood-glucose monitoring devices that use an AgaMatrix technology to personalize each test, the two companies announced Wednesday. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Under the agreement, the two will develop devices using AgaMatrix’s WaveSense technology, which uses a method called dynamic electrochemistry to detect and correct for errors caused by differences in blood samples, manufacturing variations and environmental conditions. Sanofi will then commercialize the devices through its Global Diabetes Division.

“In building our Global Diabetes Division, our objectives included conducting an exhaustive search for potential partners that have excellent core science, are highly innovative and have the potential to develop a broad range of products,” Sanofi Global Diabetes Division VP device strategy Eric Petreto said. “With AgaMatrix, we’ve found a company that can meet all three objectives in the [blood-glucose monitoring] category.”

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