SanMedica unveils new HGH-booster at Academy of Women's Health's Annual Congress

WASHINGTON —  SanMedica International on Friday introduced its SeroVital-HGH, a new oral human-growth hormone booster formulated with women in mind, at the Academy of Women's Health's Annual Congress here. 

"Research is revealing that growth hormone is a vital aspect of women's health that could affect everything from obesity to skin and aging to sex drive," stated Gina Daines, SanMedica spokeswoman. "Many of the women's health experts attending this conference have seen that research and are beginning to realize the huge potential increased HGH levels could have for the women in their care."

"We've been thrilled about the opportunity to share our research with the highly respected group of women's healthcare providers who are attending the conference," added Amy Heaton, SanMedica director of Scientific Affairs. "The research behind SeroVital is not only revolutionary because it proves there's an oral compound capable of increasing growth hormone levels naturally — without synthetic injections — but also because it was the first clinical trial of its kind to test a compound's growth hormone boosting effects not just on young males, but on both men and women across an appropriately wide age range. We think it's important to let women's health experts know just how well women responded to the SeroVital complex."



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