Sandy Ryan's election to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia further paves way for clinics

WHAT IT MEANS AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT — The convenient care industry continues to hit noteworthy milestones as it grows and becomes an increasingly important player within the U.S. healthcare system. And now the fellowship of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia has elected its first nurse practitioner to its ranks: Sandy Ryan, chief nurse practitioner officer for Walgreens’ Take Care Health Systems.

(THE NEWS: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia elects first nurse practitioner. For the full story, click here.)

Ryan is indeed a trailblazer as she was one of the founding officers of Take Care Health Systems; a founding member of the Convenient Care Association, which is now celebrating its five-year anniversary; and was the first chief nurse practitioner officer in the convenient care industry. While Ryan’s election to the fellowship of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia is important in its own right, it is especially important as it speaks to the overall significance and growing acceptance of retail-based health clinics.

It is no secret that when retail-based health clinics first emerged on the radar screen in 2000, some physicians were hesitant to embrace the concept. However, in recent years, there’s undoubtedly been a greater acceptance of the concept among the established medical community as retail-based clinics continually demonstrate the vital role they play in providing convenient, cost-effective and quality health care.

Now, Ryan has become the first nurse practitioner elected to the college’s ranks — a move that further paves the way not only for the nursing profession but also the convenient care industry.

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