Samuel Adams' Imperial line now includes scotch-style ale

BOSTON — Samuel Adams is sprucing up its Imperial lineup of beers with a new scotch-style ale.

New Samuel Adams Wee Heavy is inspired by the Scottish tradition of naming ales for their strength. The new ale weighs in at 10% alcohol by volume, twice that of the average beer. Samuel Adams suggests that the beer be enjoyed like a fine wine.

"As we did with the original three Imperial Series brews, Double Bock, Imperial White and Imperial Stout, we challenged ourselves to test the limits of a beer style and create a more intense version," said Samuel Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch. "Wee Heavy is not your traditional scotch ale; we used bigger, bolder ingredients to boost the style's flavor."

Alongside the rest of the Imperial Series brews, Samuel Adams Wee Heavy now is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $9.99 per four-pack.

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