Sam's Club offers skin, weight, stress screenings

Blood tests for cortisol included among $150 in free screenings at 565 stores

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Sam's Club is offering free skin and weight screenings during the weekend, the club retailer said Monday.

Sam's Club said all of its stores that operate pharmacies would offer the screenings, as well as screenings for the effects of stress on both, on Saturday. The screenings include body mass index, blood tests for the stress hormone cortisol, weight, height, blood pressure and vision. The stores also will give away certificates for free samples of the probiotic supplement Align.

"As summer arrives, Americans are more focused on getting in shape and spending more time in the sun," Sam's Club SVP health and wellness Jill Turner-Mitchael said. "Sam's Cub is hosting preventive weight maintenance, stress and skin health screenings to help people prevent potential skin damage from the sun and understand the effects that stress and cortisol levels may have on weight and skin maintenance."


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