Sam's Club hires Katie Workman to promote healthy eating

Cookbook author to share healthy recipes

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Sam's Club has hired cookbook author Katie Workman to recommend simple and healthy foods to influence people to eat better, the club retailer said Monday.

Workman is the author of "The Mom 100 Cookbook," and the retailer has hired her to join its Sam's Club Simply Delicious Chef Brigade and give people healthy recipes and encourage them to add fish and vegetables to their diets.

"As a mom, I'm familiar with the wrinkled noses and protests that come with serving traditionally healthy recipes," Workman said. "Fish and vegetables aren't always at the top of everyone's list, but with a few extra flavors you can turn these staples from 'yuck' to 'yes, please.' The key is to start with fresh, quality ingredients as the base of your meal and to be open-minded about how flavors can work together to create something delicious."

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