Sally Hansen launches new lip products

NEW YORK — Coty's Sally Hansen brand is looking to perfect pouts this year with several new lip products.

From deep lines to dry lips to thin and parched pouts, Sally Hansen has developed new formulas to help eradicate lip issues. The new vitamin-powered lip treatments are infused with superfruits acai and pomegranate to help promote moisture retention. The Vitamin Lipcare collection includes:

  • Vita-A lip line smoother is a peach-flavored lip saver formulated with a vitamin A peptide nutrient complex. The lip detox is known to smooth lines and soften lips;

  • Vita-B lip moisturizer is formulated for dull, dehydrated lips. The juicy, berry-flavored lip treatment contains vitamin nutrient complex B to help boost lip moisture and hyaluronic filling spheres to smooth imperfections;

  • Vita-C lip plumper is a tangerine-flavored blend of vitamin nutrient complex C that promises to stimulate collagen production and micro sponges for fuller-looking lips; and

  • Vita-E lip soother is a vanilla-flavored, vitamin-powered lip treatment that is infused with nutrient complex E and essential fatty acids to soften lips.

The products are priced at $4.95 each.

Also new for lips is a lip shimmer plumping balm, which is an ultra-plumping, custom-color gloss that reacts with customers' unique pH to create the perfect shade. Marine filling spheres and polypeptides hydrate and swell to fill lip contours, creating a voluminous look.

To relax lip lines and restore the appearance of lip tone and elasticity, there's the new instant lip line relaxer. To calm and soothe dry lips, there's the new daytime lip recovery with a multivitamin conditioning complex, soy and peptides.

The lip shimmer plumping balm, instant lip line relaxer and daytime lip recovery are priced at $9.95 each.

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