Sales of false lashes continue to look up

Oh, how the eyes still have it — eyelashes to be precise. Sales of false lashes continue to enjoy double-digit growth, as evidenced by the most recent data provided by IRI. Sales of false eyelashes and adhesives rose 11.4% to about $84.8 million for the 52 weeks ended April 21 at total U.S. multi-outlets.

Helping to fuel the popularity of false lashes are celebrities like pop star Katy Perry. In fact, the U.K. brand Eylure teamed up with Perry to launch in the United States a line of false lashes, and during the 52 weeks ended April 21, they generated sales of more than $1.2 million, according to IRI.

Clearly, false lashes have proven they are no longer just for Halloween; however, many would agree that the unorganized and often confusing lash wall at retail leaves much to be desired. Those retailers that embrace a revamped display that helps educate the consumer and simplifies the selection of false lashes are bound to benefit.

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