Sagent’s metoprolol tartrate receives FDA approval

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. The Food and Drug Administration has approved an injectable drug from Sagent Pharmaceuticals for severe heart attacks, Sagent announced Wednesday.

The agency approved Sagent’s metoprolol tartrate, commonly used for treating acute myocardial infarction. Metoprolol had sales of $13 million in 2009, according to IMS Health.

“Metoprolol is the third product approved this month and an important addition to our vital cardiovascular care portfolio, which already includes adenosine pre-filled syringes and vials, amiodarone pre-filled syringes and labetalol vials,” Sagent CEO and chairman Jeffrey Yordon said.

Sagent is jointly developing around 25 injectable drugs for the U.S. market under a venture with Strides Arcolab.

“Our collaboration with Strides continues to be an enormous success, with metoprolol marking the sixth product approved under our joint venture,” Yordon said.

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