Safeway offers Shingles vaccination

PLEASANTON, Calif. Safeway is offering immunization against Shingles, a disease that commonly affects people over 50 or people with compromised immune systems, at 700 pharmacies in the states of Ark., Calif., Colo., Del., Hawaii, Ind., Ill., Mont., Neb., Nev., Ore., Pa., Texas, Va. ,W.Va. and Wash. The vaccine will be provided on a walk-in basis at in-store pharmacies.

“The only way to prevent against contracting this debilitating disease is to get a single shot. By administering vaccines on site, Safeway is making it easy for anyone to protect themselves,” said Dave Fong, Safeway senior vice president of pharmacy. “Receiving a shingles vaccination is as easy as stopping at the pharmacy during your regular shopping trip.” 

Safeway also offers full-service adult and adolescent immunization services for the prevention of such ailments as tetanus, hepatitis, pneumococcal, meningococcal and more.

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