Safeway Foundation announces yearly philanthropy total of $172 million

SAN FRANCISCO Safeway Foundation’s 2007 philanthropic efforts for research and awareness for various causes totaled a record $172 million, the company announced at its annual gala.

The Safeway Foundation, a six-year-old philanthropic organization, has raised and provided more than $69 million for breast cancer and prostate cancer causes. The foundation has become a major source of support to cancer research and treatment programs as well as people with disabilities and education programs. This year, the Safeway Foundation funded several mobile mammography units that bring free or low-cost mammograms to women in rural areas and low-income neighborhoods in California, Washington and other states.

“Each year we are proud to strengthen our community programs that are helping make a difference in so many lives throughout the North America,” said Safeway chairman, president and chief executive officer Steve Burd. “Through our breast cancer and prostate cancer initiatives we are dedicating tens of millions of dollars each year toward research that will find a cure for these devastating diseases. This Gala helps showcase our passion for these and other important causes and the hope we share in finding a cure.”

Over the last six years the Safeway Foundation Gala has become one of the Bay Area’s premier charitable fundraising events. The gala raises funds for a range of regional and national charitable causes, including support for people with disabilities and muscular dystrophy.

“The Gala has become an annual tradition for our employees, community partners and suppliers to come together and celebrate the support we provide each year to important causes like those that help people with disabilities,” said Larree Renda, Safeway executive vice president and chair. “As one of the top employers of people with disabilities we have a passion and commitment to also open new doors and opportunities for those who live with a disability. Through our charitable efforts we are touching so many lives in ways we never imagined.”

Safeway is also a strong supporter of community food banks and education programs, providing an additional $132 million each year for those programs.

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