Safeway flu survey: Only half of Americans will get flu shot this year

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe flu shots prevent the flu, but only half plan to get the shot this year, according to the "Safeway Seasonal Wellness Survey," conducted by Kelton Research.

This is especially surprising, given that 89% said getting a flu shot is “as important” (50%) or “more important” (39%) than it was five years ago.

When it comes to a healthy diet, 65% said they believe eating fruits and vegetables can help prevent the flu, but only 7% said they plan to eat more produce during the cold-and-flu season. Women scored higher than men on all flu prevention activities in the survey, with at least a 10% lead on the following: washing hands frequently/thoroughly, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins/supplements and sleeping at least eight hours each night.

Safeway has been promoting its flu shot availability at Safeway pharmacies with a 10% off coupon for groceries.

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