Safeway continues raising prostate cancer awareness with annual campaign

PLEASANTON, Calif. Safeway on Tuesday kicked off its annual prostate cancer fundraising and awareness campaign.

Since 2001, the company and its customers raised more than $54 million to fund Prostate Cancer Foundation cancer research, Safeway said. Safeway is PCF’s single largest corporate supporter raising funds for prostate cancer research, a form of cancer that affects 1-in-6 men, PCF said.

“In the past decade, the progress made in finding better treatments for prostate cancer is the most measurable of any cancer research,” said PCF president and CEO Jonathan Simons. “Safeway customers and employees can take pride in knowing they are making a tremendous difference toward bringing an end to the suffering that comes as a result of prostate cancer.”

Added Safeway CEO Steve Burd, “We remain committed to funding research and making a meaningful impact in the quest for new treatments and, ultimately, a cure. Our June campaign will raise funds for research and awareness about the importance of early detection and treatment to the millions of consumers who come through our stores daily.”

Safeway will reach its customers through a series of in-store communication vehicles throughout the month.

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