Sabi looks to break ground with line of modern, stylized pill organizers

DALLAS — A startup company is looking to broaden its distribution reach offering a bevy of new health-and-wellness organizers and accessories with a unique, modernized look, the company stated this week.

Sabi's Vivacity line of pill organizers and accessories was designed with both functionality and style in mind, the company noted. The Vivacity line of products includes:

  • Chop — a pill splitter, to slice pills in half;
  • Carafe — a stackable drinking carafe with divided compartments to carry medications or vitamins;
  • Crush — an easy-to-use pill smasher;
  • Holster — an easy-to-carry clip-on travel pill box;
  • Folio — a weekly pill organizer with a lock-down top;
  • Shake — pill bottle that dispenses one pill at a time; and
  • Grande Carafe.

Sabi, an ancient Japanese word meaning a cultural aesthetic inspired by the notion of life’s transitory and evanescent nature, creates "products that are intuitively and beautifully designed in order to infuse life’s daily rituals with delight," the company states on their website. Their creations marry superb functionality, simplicity and aesthetics to make the most mundane to-dos — from taking your daily vitamins to taking out the trash — more enjoyable, the company continued.

To learn more about Sabi and see more product offerings, you can visit their website here.

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