RxAlly white paper touts 'personalized pharmacist care'

Face-to-face interaction with pharmacists can improve patients' quality of life, group says

LEESBURG, Va. — The prevalence of chronic diseases, increased demand for patient care and failure of many patients to take their medications as prescribed calls for an increased role in the healthcare system for pharmacists, according to a national organization of pharmacies.

RxAlly, which includes more than 22,000 pharmacies nationwide, released a white paper Tuesday titled "Personalized Pharmacist Care: Healing America's Post-Reform Health Care System." Personalized pharmacist care, the group said, refers to individually tailored, pharmacist-provided clinical and consultative services to improve quality of life for patients and optimize clinical and economic outcomes, combining pharmacists' expertise with face-to-face interaction between the pharmacist and patient.

"We are excited to release our vision of a nationwide care-delivery model, personalized pharmacist care, that seeks to transform an outdated and ineffective paradigm into one that can benefit all Americans," RxAlly CEO Bruce Roberts said. "The expertise of the pharmacist, which is largely absent elsewhere along the care continuum, is perfectly suited to address the increasing complexities related to medication use, chronic disease prevalence and access to care issues."

The group cited a 2011 U.S. Surgeon General analysis of 298 studies showing that integrating pharmacists into patient care promoted patient engagement and yielded an economic benefit of $10 for every $1 invested. Another study, by RxAlly member Thrifty White, found patients enrolled with medication synchronization with pharmacists were 3.4 to 6.1 times more likely to adhere to medication therapies.


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