Romane Fragrances rebrands to Tru Fragrance

CHICAGO — Romane Fragrances, which creates, manufactures, launches and markets private-brand fragrances for retailers worldwide, has changed its name to Tru Fragrance and launched a new website at

In addition to changing its name and launching a new website, Tru Fragrance will move into new headquarters located just west of Chicago, complete with state-of-the-art showroom, a warehousing and distribution facility, and a creative development center.

“Our rebranding initiative — our mission, really — is about telling the true story of fragrance and the enormous power it holds in helping retailers amplify their brand and bolster their bottom line,” stated Monte Henige, CEO of Tru Fragrance. “The name Tru Fragrance is a better reflection of who we are — a company that understands the intricacies and dynamics of the fragrance space, as well as the needs of the retailer, and is hugely passionate about how custom scents and branded product extensions create genuine connections with consumers.”

Under the new Tru Fragrance moniker, the company will merge four decades of industry knowledge and consumer insights with a modern approach that is designed to harness the romance and fashion required to successfully develop and market private-label fragrances today, the company stated. Tru Fragrance indicated that it drives this process by using proprietary research and key learnings from partnerships with more than 75 brands.

“Fragrance is an essential beauty product that emotionally and magically connects to a person, unveiling their true personality and passion points,” added Paul Leroue, chief marketing officer. “At the same time, retailers today are looking for transparent and pure ways to engage with consumers. The daily ritual of putting on perfume or cologne creates an ongoing touch point that very few products provide, making it one of the most consistent and intimate connections any brand can make.”

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