Rockin' Green's laundry detergent products to tout new scent, packaging

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Rockin' Green has revamped its laundry detergent products inside and out.

The company said that its Soft, Classic and Hard Rock formulas will feature a new scent and packaging. The company said it is replacing one of its original scents, called Plain Green Tea's, with a scent called Earth, Wind and Orchids. What's more, the standard packaging for the laundry detergents have been redesigned with a new look and also will use less material.

What's more, Rockin' Green said that its Funk Rock product, which is an ammonia bouncer, will be available in a printed, 16-oz. stand-up pouch with a zipper for more convenient use and storage. Rockin' Green's Shake It Ups also will be packaged in a printed stand-up pouch, but will feature a spout instead of a zipper.

Rockin' Green said that its remixed versions of the laundry detergent products are gentle for longevity, safer for sensitive skin and better cleaning power.

The new Rockin' Green remixed versions, as well as Earth, Wind and Orchids scent, will be available in store and online this week, with new packaging rolling out next month.

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