Rockin' Green helps moms clean up through campaign

SAN ANTONIO — A clean-rinsing laundry detergent is launching a 52-week campaign in which opt-in fans and customers will receive a free, eco-friendly cleaning tip each week.

Rockin' Green said its 52 Weeks of Clean campaign will challenge moms everywhere to think creatively and green when it comes to household cleaning. Subscribers can receive the tips via SMS text message or email, which will be clumped into such categories as laundry tips, household cleaning tips, tip to managing stains and dish cleaning tips. Many of the tips will feature Rockin' Green as the cleaning agent, the company added.

"Our customers are constantly sharing with us their creative uses for Rockin' Green around the house, and it's definitely not just in the laundry room," said Kimberly Webb, CEO and founder of Rockin' Green. "We were looking for a fun way to share these cleaning secrets with our awesome fans and thus developed the 52 Weeks of Clean campaign to finally do it."

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