Robitussin taps Peggy Fleming for new campaign

MADISON, N.J. — Robitussin has launched a new campaign in line with the start of the cold and flu season called the Simple Acts of Relief program.

As part of the program, Robitussin has tapped Olympic medalist Peggy Fleming for its Last Names Giveaway. Through the Last Names Giveaway, the brand is making an exclusive offer to people whose last name is (or sounds like) one of the cold symptoms Robitussin treats. The first 5,000 eligible entrants, which can submit their names at, will receive free Robitussin to help get them through this cold and flu season, the company said.

In addition to the Last Names Giveaway, the Simple Acts of Relief program also includes an instant win game, a sweepstakes that includes a grand prize of $100,000, and a mobile tour, where Robitussin will visit cities across the nation to provide cold sufferers with a "simple act of relief," such as a refreshment, a warm scarf or a coupon towards Robitussin.

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