Rite Aid offers customers support in keeping healthy New Year's resolutions

CAMP HILL, Pa. — Rite Aid is looking to help Americans with their New Year’s resolutions to improve their health by offering customers free extra support, including Better You informational guides in all 4,600 stores, exclusive online health resources and expert advice from Rite Aid pharmacists. Rite Aid's wellness stores will also be offering free health screenings and informational sessions the week of Jan. 13.

"Making positive lifestyle changes is easier with the right support network," stated Rite Aid EVP of pharmacy Robert Thompson. "According to this month’s Gallup poll, pharmacists are again one of the most trusted of all professions. At Rite Aid, we encourage our customers to seek our pharmacists' expert advice on a range of health topics, such as tips to improve an on-the-go diet, ways to incorporate more fitness into a daily routine or approaches to quitting smoking once and for all."

To encourage customers in their pursuit of healthy lifestyle changes, Rite Aid's nearly 800 wellness stores will hold health fairs, on either Jan. 16 or Jan. 19. During these four-hour events, stores will hold free health screenings including nicotine dependence tests, COPD risk assessments, diabetes risk assessments, and provide information on the pneumococcal vaccine, which is important since smokers are at a higher risk for developing pneumonia, according to the American Cancer Society.
Customers can also get help any time from the convenience of their home or office by logging onto www.riteaid.com where, starting Jan. 2, they can access exclusive support resources including:


  • Nutritional information such as a menu planner that analyzes personal eating habits for calorie, fat and carbohydrate counts, a list of healthy recipes based on the meal or food type, a guide to interpreting the common black-and-white "nutritional facts" labels, and 30 daily tips for eating healthier on the go;


  • A section that is all about encouraging kids to develop healthy lifestyles by becoming more active, cutting back on sweets, snacking healthy in 100-calorie-or-less portions, and by getting involved in meal planning – from the shopping cart to the kitchen;

  • A body mass index calculator that factors in weight and height to produce a reliable test for potential weight concerns and early indicator for the health conditions that can result; and

  • Videos of Denise Austin demonstrating how to incorporate fitness into a daily routine by using Forever Fit's four categories of products based on the overall health goal of: Balance and flexibility, heart health, fitness and support, and toning and strength.


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