Rite Aid joins Surescripts' Clinical Interoperability Network

Network to allow Rite Aid pharmacies to send immunization records to healthcare providers

ARLINGTON, Va. — Retail pharmacy chain Rite Aid will deliver patients' immunization notifications directly to healthcare providers over the Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability.

Rite Aid and Surescripts said Thursday that the Surescripts Physician Notification Letter for Immunizations would allow Rite Aid stores to electronically send immunization records in an efficient, secure and coordinated way. In the future, Rite Aid will also be able to use the Surescripts network to send immunization reports to state and regional public health registries where there is a mandatory or voluntary reporting requirement.

"Pharmacists continue to play a critical role on a patient's healthcare team," Surescripts president and CEO Harry Totonis said. "At Surescripts, we are committed to supporting and enhancing the delivery of valuable clinical care information directly to care providers. By way of the Surescripts network, it will be easier for Rite Aid pharmacists to provide much-needed care delivery information, such as immunizations, to other members of a patient's healthcare team."

In the coming weeks, Surescripts and Rite Aid said, all of Rite Aid's stores will be able to send a notification of a patient's immunizations to the patient's healthcare provider in whatever form the provider prefers, whether electronically, by fax or mail. In addition, providers and pharmacies will be able to have a more coordinated way to share updates on delivered care and documentation related to immunization.

"Today's patients are taking on a greater role in their health and are putting more of a focus on preventative care than ever before," Rite Aid SVP pharmacy operations Dan Miller said. "Immunizations are an important part of preventative care, and that's why we've trained all Rite Aid pharmacists to be able to provide immunizations as allowed by the state."

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