Rite Aid Foundation announces $1.7 million in donations for 2007

CAMP HILL, Pa. The Rite Aid Foundation, a private foundation managed by Rite Aid, on Wednesday announced that in the past year it has awarded approximately $1.7 million in donations to non-profit organizations across the United States for programs focusing on health and wellness in communities that Rite Aid serves.

“Being caring neighbors who are involved in our communities in meaningful ways is one of Rite Aid’s core values,” stated Gayle Rife, manager of the Rite Aid Foundation. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to join with local charities to improve the lives of people in our neighborhoods through programs that help to build stronger families and stronger communities.”

Over the course of 2007 more than 170 charities in more than 140 communities were provided grants by the Rite Aid Foundation. Among them are low-cost and free prescriptions for uninsured low-income people, providing refurbished hearing aids to people who could not otherwise afford them, educational and counseling programs to help prevent child abuse, low-cost medical services in medically underserved areas, programs to help teach children ways to manage and control asthma and diabetes, counseling services for children who are victims of domestic violence, parenting classes, and skills training for abused or neglected youth.

Since 2001, the Rite Aid Foundation has awarded grants totaling more than $6.3 million to more than 370 organizations in 230 communities.

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