Rice Krispies takes step into gluten-free market

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Consumers with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity now can add a popular cereal brand to their diet.

Kellogg's said that its Rice Krispies brand will tout a gluten-free version, which will hit store shelves in June, carrying the same suggested retail price as original Rice Krispies. Each serving of the new gluten-free cereal contains 120 calories, less than 1 g of sugar, 1 g each of fat and fiber, 3 g of protein and 190 mg of sodium.

The introduction marks Kellogg's first-ever gluten-free cereal.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies gluten-free cereal will be produced in a separate facility, the company said, where each batch of cereal will be tested to ensure its gluten-free status, as will the production line.

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