Rexam launches recovery beverage

CHICAGO — Rexam, a global beverage can maker, announced that its recovery drink, Formula O2, has hit the market. The beverage, available in Orange Mango and Grapefruit Ginger flavors, is infused with 10 times more oxygen than tap water, 2.5 times more electrolytes than sports drinks and also includes 140 mg of natural caffeine.

Formula O2 was founded by three friends who grew tired of energy and sports drinks that claimed to help people, but were actually filled with unsavory ingredients. 

"We were weary of all the energy and sports drinks that claimed to help people, but had ingredients that were questionable," said Dr. Dan Kim, VP research and design for Formula O2. "So we decided to create something totally different. Formula O2 helps you feel your best and quenches thirst with something light and refreshing. And working closely with Rexam, we were able to ensure we delivered it in a great-looking can that accommodates the 16 oz. of fluid we wanted for hydration. Rexam has been an excellent partner, very accommodating to our needs from the start."

Formula O2 is available online at and in select retailers in Ohio. The company said it plans to continue expansion.


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