Rexall launches MyRexall for online management of personal Rx records

MISSISSAU, Ontario — Canadian pharmacy retailer Rexall has announced the launch of MyRexall, providing its customers with the ability to view and print their personal medication records online at

"MyRexall reinforces our commitment to making it easy for Canadians to feel good about their health," stated Frank Scorpiniti, CEO of Rexall Pharma Plus. "MyRexall offers Canadians a simple way to manage and view their medication records online."

In addition to viewing their medication record, MyRexall will allow customers the ability to request a refill at their local Rexall, print their medication record for review with a physician or other healthcare professional and easily transfer prescriptions to their local Rexall pharmacy. Customers also will have access to health information about their conditions and will be provided special offers through their account.


- 5:16 AM
rphmike says

Is this another step down the slippery slope of the government knowing 'everything' about 'everyone'... :-)

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