Revolymer revs up the flavor in gum

ATLANTA Revolymer is launching a new brand of gum that is eco-friendly and has long-lasting flavor.

New Rev7 gum will be available in both peppermint and spearmint flavors, with additional flavors slated to launch next year. The gum, the company said, also can be readily removed from clothes using soap and water; and environment tests have shown that more than 50% of its chewing gum is removed by conventional street cleaning, and any gum washed into the drains will degrade into minerals, biodegradable products and inert materials.

"Revolymer is offering a premium product that will change the chewing gum industry significantly," said Chris Tamillo, Revolymer VP sales and marketing. "There is both an appetite for this new brand in the U.S. and a willingness to provide consumers with a product that is better for the environment but does not sacrifice quality."

The company is unveiling Rev7 at the National Association of Convenience Store Show.

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