Revlon to celebrate 80 years with London exhibition

LONDON — Revlon is inviting beauty enthusiasts and fashion fanatics to experience a one-of-a-kind exhibition that will guide them through iconic moments in Revlon's history that have contributed to shaping the brand as we see it today.

A collection of London's ground-breaking creatives have come together to showcase how these ages have influenced Revlon's continual innovation within the beauty industry through works of art and installation alongside a wide range of artifacts sourced from Revlon archives, the company stated. 

The exhibition, curated by Ryan Lanji, will feature works from Revlon's U.K. nail ambassador, Jenny Longworth, and a number of London's ground-breaking creatives: artist Lorna May Wadsworth (previous works include commissioned paintings of Lady Thatcher, model Lily Cole, Sir Derek Jacobi and Richard Curtis); Alex Noble (art director and fashion designer who has designed for Lady Gaga and Florence Welsh); fashion illustrator Spiros Halaris; filmmaker Nicola Saint-Marc; and artists Bobby Patmore, Linton Meagher and Debra Frances.

The exhibition will tell the story of Charles Revson, the man who built the Revlon Empire and how he changed the appearance of women throughout the world, both in how they looked to others and how they looked to themselves.

"Enamoured: 80 Years of Revlon" will run from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2 at the London Film Museum.

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