ReVive to be distributed at local pharmacies

HOBOKEN, N.J. Bio Medical Research Limited is making a concentrated effort this spring in placing its ReVive product, approved by the Food and Drug Administration last summer, onto drug store shelves.

ReVive helps to soothe tired muscles and promotes muscle recovery using a clinically-proven technology called electronic muscle stimulation.

The portable product provides six different muscle conditioning and recovery programs to soothe upper and lower back, shoulder, calf and other muscle groups commonly aggravated by regular exercise or exertion, Patricia Smith, CEO of Bio Medical, noted. “ReVive provides consumers with the professional technology used by physical therapists in a single, easy-to-use consumer product designed specifically for today’s active consumers.”

Bio Medical was originally sold through retailers like Sports Authority, GNC and Bed, Bath and Beyond, but is now taking a more targeted approach through pharmacies like A&P’s pharmacy banners and online druggist

The ReVive muscle wellness product is currently approved for purchase using flexible spending accounts, Bio Medical noted.

Bio Medical is also developing a new product for pain relief in June, which uses TENS technology.

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