Revamped Adidas personal care collection for men, women hits market

NEW YORK — A revamped Adidas personal care range has hit the market, reflecting the athletic energy of today’s man and the confidence of the modern woman.

The new collection for men includes body sprays, deodorants, antiperspirants, and hair and body washes. With bold graphics and striking colors, the entire packaging redesign was executed with the dynamic modern Adidas man in mind.

New to the range is Dynamic Pulse, a clean and aromatic fragrance with peppermint. Existing scents include Deep Energy, Pure Game and Extra Fresh
The new range for women features three signature scents available as a body spray and deodorant body fragrance. Inspired by feminine shapes, the new Adidas for Women packaging is designed for women's daily life and sporty moments with colorful, bold graphics for a fun, feminine twist.

The Adidas personal care retails for $3.47 each and is available at Walmart stores nationwide.

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