Reports: Mich. bill would allow marijuana sales in pharmacies

Opponents fear bill would crowd out small-scale, home growers

NEW YORK — State legislators in Michigan are considering a bill that would allow pharmacies to sell medical marijuana, according to published reports.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the state Senate Government Operations Committee had passed a bill that would reclassify marijuana as a Schedule 2 controlled substance and allow licensing and regulation of companies to grow and test pharmaceutical-grade marijuana and then sell it to pharmacies to dispense. The newspaper reported, however, that the federal government would first have to reclassify marijuana as well, as it is currently a Schedule 1 controlled substance, meaning the government regards it solely as an illegal drug with no legitimate medical use.

Opponents of the bill say it would take business from small-scale and home growers and was a "money grab" by large growers and pharmacies.

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