Reporting for duty

Arm & Hammer’s Double Duty clumping cat litter

PRINCETON, N.J. —Arm & Hammer’s new Double Duty clumping cat litter’s breakthrough formula allows cat owners to address feces and urine odors in the litter box. More than 90% of cat owners said eliminating odor from feces and urine is important to them in a litter product, but most products on the market concentrate only on the pungent ammonia smell of cat urine.

Double Duty combines moisture-activated Arm & Hammer baking soda crystals with ammonia and feces odor neutralizers to destroy odor on contact. The product creates rock-solid clumps that are easily removed from the litter box.

The product is available in three sizes—14-lb. (suggested retail price of $6.99), 20-lb. (SRP $8.99) and 28-lb. (SRP $11.99)—and will be supported with a print, online, radio and TV ad campaign.

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