ReportersNotebook — Consumables, 7/11/11

SUPPLIER NEWS — Post Foods has expanded its Pebbles cereal lineup with a limited-edition flavor. New Pebbles Boulders Stone Age caramel apple now is available on store shelves nationwide. Each serving of the new cereal, which features caramel-flavored boulders and dinosaur bones, contains 110 calories and 16 g of whole grains, while providing 10 essential vitamins and minerals, Post said. Post said it will continue to introduce more limited-edition Boulders flavors throughout the year.

Kraft Foods is boosting its marketing efforts for its Stride gum brand with a new campaign. The “Be Ridiculously Long Lasting” campaign, which runs through Oct. 12, aims to create the record for the “longest lasting streak of long-lasting records,” posting a record-breaking video daily on its Facebook page, YouTube channel and a Record Setter Web page for 100 days. The campaign also encourages consumers to upload their own attempts to break the records posted by Stride — such as the most hopscotch hops in 30 seconds while piggybacking an adult and the most table tennis balls bounced into cups in one minute. At the end of 100 days, the final 100 record holders will win a cash prize of $500 for their long-lasting achievement.

Keebler has introduced a wholesome sweet treat. New Keebler granola fudge bars feature oats, rice, honey and real Keebler fudge, and are a good source of fiber and whole grains, the brand said. Keebler granola fudge bars are available at retailers nationwide in the granola bar aisle for a suggested retail price of $3.09.

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