ReportersNotebook — General Merchandise, 8/1/11

SUPPLIER NEWS — SC Johnson’s latest Windex product touts 90% less plastic than the traditional 26-oz. trigger bottle. New Windex Mini is a concentrated refill pouch that “saves six times as much plastic waste that goes into a landfill, compared with a traditional bottle,” according to SC Johnson chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson. Windex Mini will be available nationwide in three-packs of “snip ‘n’ pour” pouches.

Procter & Gamble’s Pampers Cruisers diaper line now includes improved softness, a 20% longer absorbent patch and new “Sesame Street” designs. The revamped Cruisers line is available nationwide. As part of the launch, Target will feature in-store displays and offer coupons. Through August, special offers also will appear on both Target and Pampers Facebook pages.

Splash Guard
introduced a soft, form-fitting device that fits over a child’s ears and forehead and keeps shampoo, suds and soapy water from getting to the eyes, ears, nose or mouth. Lil Rinser comes in one-size-fits-all, bright color combinations that appeal to kids. The product retails for $9.99.

Do or Die Fitness’ line of fitness tools are designed to help people with knee, wrist and neck problems modify workout moves. New Wrist Wedges, Knee Donuts and Neck Circles provide support, stability and comfort for those who are unable to put weight on these sometimes sensitive areas. Wrist Wedges and Knee Donuts retail for $19.99 per pair, while Neck Circles retail for $9.99.

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