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M&M pretzel chocolate candies

Supplier News

Mars’ new M&M pretzel chocolate candies hit store shelves in June at a suggested retail price of 79 cents for a single-size bag, $3.49 for medium-size bags, $4.99 for large-size bags and $8.99 for a 30-oz. stand-up pouch. Consumers were given a taste of the newest M&M creation in April through the brand’s Facebook fan page, Mars said.

Nestlé has launched new Juicy Juice Sparkling fruit juice beverages, which contain no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors. The new beverages blend 70% real fruit juice with 30% lightly carbonated water and are an excellent source of vitamin C. Each serving counts as one serving of fruit toward the daily recommended intake. Juicy Juice Sparkling will be available in stores nationwide at SRPs of $2.68 to $2.99 for the four-bottle multipack, and 99 cents for single-serve cans.

Barilla’s Piccolini pasta has formed a new partnership with Disney in which Barilla-sponsored games will be on Disney’s website for children’s use. With the Play it with Pasta function on the site, children can build custom works of art with pasta-inspired stamps, brush strokes and textures, the companies said. Additionally, parents and family members can schedule 1-of-6 themed, personalized phone calls from such popular Disney characters as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy for their little ones.

Aerated chocolate brand Bubble Chocolate announced that Duane Reade is selling both dark and milk chocolate bars in more than 250 locations. The SRP for a Bubble Chocolate bar is $2.49.

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