Report: Robofusion makes ice cream treats to customers' specifications

Robot allows customers to "design" their own treats

NEW YORK — A new machine from a company based in Wando, S.C., gives retailers a new way to sell ice cream, according to published reports.

RetailWire reported that Robofusion, founded by Allan Jones, had developed an eponymous robot that allows customers to create their own ice cream desserts.

According to the company's website, customers walk up to the machine, choose 1-of-4 "Robot Characters" that program the robot movements and effects and then design a five-layer ice cream and candy treat.

Traditionally, the ice cream and soda counter was long a feature of the neighborhood pharmacy — many soda brands popular today, such as Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper, were originally invented by pharmacists and intended for medicinal use. But it has mostly disappeared, with the exception of some Rite Aid stores in California that still have them.

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