Report: Kansas makes switch to NPLEx system to track pseudoephedrine sales

TOPEKA, Kansas — Kansas on Monday officially made the move from a paper tracking system for pseudoephedrine sales to the electronic tracking capabilities afforded through the National Precursor Log Exchange, according to an Associated Press report published Monday. Kansas first announced its intent to switch over to NPLEx in March 2010.

“For Kansas methamphetamine cooks, getting a key ingredient for making the illegal drug is about to get much more difficult,” read a Kansas State Board of Pharmacy newsletter published in September. “The NPLEx system is connected to approximately one-third of the nation’s pharmacies. Launched in Kentucky [in 2008], NPLEx tracks the sale of more than 344,000 boxes of over-the-counter cold-and-allergy medicines per month in pharmacies across the country.”

Appriss, the technology driver of the NPLEx system, has been providing training sessions for all pharmacies located throughout the state and will provide follow-up IT support, according to the newsletter.

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