Report: Hospitals show renewed interest in on-campus retail pharmacies

NEW YORK — A desire to provide an integrated continuum of care that leads to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction has placed a renewed focus on U.S. hospitals offering on-campus retail pharmacies, according to a report by HealthLeaders Media.

While hospitals need to be mindful of economics of scale and the potential for a low rate of prescription refill orders, the opportunities can be significant. Those hospitals that have on-campus retail pharmacies can offer patients integrated care, greater convenience and enhanced customer service, the article states.

According to the article, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists states that the percentage of hospitals that have on-campus retail pharmacies has held steady over the past decade at about 25%, and ASHP is now asking hospitals about how many pharmacies they have at their facilities.

According to ASHP hospital survey data cited by HealthLeaders Media, about 70% of hospitals with 600 or more beds have at least one on-campus retail pharmacy. But very few hospitals with 200 or fewer beds have retail pharmacies.



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adamg says

It's good news as this is probably the most critical step in the health care transitions process. - Adam Gottbetter

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