Report: At-home nail art remains growing trend

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Products used at home to give women professional-style nail results grew at almost 10% in 2012 as do-it-yourself nail art continues to increase in popularity, according to a new report from consulting and research fim Kline & Co.

Kline's FlashPoint report, "U.S. Market for Nail Art and Accessories," discusses in detail the changing trends among the three methods of artificial nails currently used: acrylic nails, gel nails and fiberglass, or silk wraps. According to the report, an increasing percentage of women are interested in creating at-home nail art, especially among women younger than 45 years.

In 2013, gray emerges as a sought-after color, while other popular shades include neon and pale shades. Nail art accessories that provide a metallic finish also are trending and are not restricted to golden, silver and bronze colors. Glittered nails also continue to remain popular this year.

While horizontal ombre nails were popular in 2012, vertical ombre nails emerged as a popular trend in 2013. The preferred nail length ranges from short to medium, and very long nails are no longer popular.

"U.S. Market for Nail Art and Accessories" provides further information about major market players and other market participants in this growing market segment of the cosmetics and toiletries industry.


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